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From holistic and sustainable townships to innovative public infrastructure solutions, our expertise grows along with the needs of the industry.

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Labour Management – Workers Welfare

Our people are our most important asset. Tapping into a talent pool with diverse backgrounds and expertise helps us maintain a strong talent pipeline, which is key to remaining relevant and competitive in an ever- changing and global business climate. Our goal is to attract the best talents while nurturing and retaining our employees and workers to create a passionate workforce about Gamuda’s innovation and growth.

employees in 2024
The numbers presented refer to permanent and contract employees from all our local and overseas companies, excluding joint ventures and associates, with the exception of Australia.

Gamuda’s inclusive culture ensures every employee is equal and supported in all areas. We strive to create a zero discrimination, consistently high-trust workplace experience for all.

Gender diversity is reflected across management levels and continues to have increased balance over the years. We boosted the number of women working across our business by more than 20 percent over three years.

Gender Diversity

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Women in Gamuda Board
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With 40 percent of our workforce being millennials and generation Y, we see the need for more of them in senior management ranks. We started by placing talent with great potential in critical roles, moving them up the value chain as part of succession planning.

Age Diversity

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No. of employees:
FY2023: 4,219
FY2022: 3,895
FY2021: 3,615

Enabling Academy (EA) empowers young adults on the autism spectrum with gainful employment and internship opportunities. Our first Employment Transition Programme in Malaysia offers specialised coaching tailored to their unique talents and needs, where we then place them in our partner companies. To date, we are collaborating with 57 partner companies across various industries. Learn more about EA and be inspired by our success stories.

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Public Awareness Outreach on the Employability of persons with autism by Enabling Academy
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