TaoYuan City Underground Railway Project

TaoYuan City Underground Railway Project, Package CJ18 PingZhen Commuter Station

Kaohsiung Metropolitan Mass Rapid Transit (KMMRT)​

Working with the Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation, Gamuda constructed 3.86km of the 43km line, which involved the construction of two parallel underground tunnels and two underground stations – the two-storey Fengshan Junior High School and four-level Dadung. Our engineering expertise was deployed in complicated situations where ground conditions were soft and wet, and at times aggravated by earthquakes.

After completion, our stringent approach to environmental protection, quality control and project management earned us the Air Quality Protection Award, and National Environmental Protection Outstanding Award from the Government of Taiwan.



Project Awarded

October 2022

Our proven track record in designing and constructing rail and metro systems locally was instrumental to our appointment as the Main Contractor to deliver the RM2.13 billion TaoYuan City Underground Railway Project, Package CJ18 PingZhen Commuter Station in Taiwan by the Taiwan Ministry of Transportation and Communications’ Railway Bureau.

Upon completion, this 3.734km underground twin-bound railway track and station and station at PingZhen will improve mobility and reduce the traffic congestion faced by TaoYuan residents. The Project is estimated to be completed within 96 months.

The scope of the Project includes:

  • Civil Engineering and M&E works for PingZhen commuter station;
  • Construction of a 3.734km underground twin-bound railway track by cut and cover method (excluding rail installation);
  • ZhongFeng bridge protection works;
  • Relocation of LaoJie river bridge;
  • Construction of a temporary PingZhen above-ground commuter station
  • Construction of a permanent PingZhen underground commuter station
This Project is Gamuda’s fifth project in Taiwan and will be executed by a 60:40 unincorporated joint venture between Gamuda and Asia World Engineering & Construction Co. (AWEC), respectively.

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