Digital IBS

Digital IBS (Industrialised Building System)

Gamuda IBS is an end-to-end digital IBS solutions provider, pioneering digital IBS adoption in Malaysia with the country’s first digital IBS facility in Sepang.

Leveraging on today's digital design tools and robotic construction, digital IBS means flexibility in design, fast construction and superior quality finish.

Gamuda IBS is able to easily build a wide range of products, be it affordable homes, luxurious landed homes, high-rise buildings and even public facilities like schools and hospitals.

Every component is produced at our controlled factory environment and fully tested, meaning quality is assured through this safer and more sustainable construction method with minimal wastage.

Advantages of Gamuda IBS

Flexible designs

Safer work methods

Enhanced quality

Human capital development opportunities

High precision

Shorter construction period

Sustainable construction method

Improved cash flow position

Products of Gamuda IBS

Sepang Factory (Since 2016)
Solid walls
Half slabs
Toilet pans
Columns and beams
Special architectural elements
Banting Factory (End 2018)

Solid walls
Double walls
Pre-stressed half slabs
Prefabricated bathroom pods
Special façade elements

How we use BIM

With the BIM (Building Information Modelling)-integrated digital design system, all design data is captured online on a collaborative platform and all design clashes are resolved before construction.


2D 3D BIM Design

Translating conventional 2D to 3D models readable by robots with advance clash analysis.


Robotics Production

Translating drawings into construction elements.


Software Aided Commercial & Finance Management

Efficient data collection, reduces redundant manpower.


Computerised Logistics Management

Barcode tracking of delivery and construction progress.

Project Snapshots
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