Batang Lupar Bridge No. 2

Batang Lupar Bridge No. 2

Sitra Causeway Bridges, Bahrain

Gamuda Berhad took on the job of replacing the bridges and causeway between Manama (the capital of Bahrain) and the Nabih Saleh and Sitra Islands – which were more than 30 years old.

With a total length of 2.4km, and comprising the 200m Northern Bridge and 400m Southern Bridge, the four-lane dual carriageway supports the country’s rapidly growing economy, and is designed for a lifespan of up to 120 years under tough marine conditions.


Sri Aman, Sarawak, Malaysia


2020 – 2025

Under the Second Trunk Road, Package B3 of the proposed Batang Lupar Bridge No.2 marks a significant milestone in Sarawak's infrastructure development. Undertaken by Naim Gamuda (NAGA) JV Sdn Bhd and valued at RM236.4 million, this project is nestled in Kampung Hilir, the heart of Sri Aman Town, Sarawak.

The work package consists of:

  • 870m cable-stayed bridge comprising two 145.5m towers and three spans, measuring 210m, 450m and 210m, across the existing Batang Lupar River
  • 2.1km of approach road.
Upon scheduled completion by July 2025, the bridge will be Malaysia's tallest and second-longest cable-stayed bridge span after the Sungai Johor Bridge.

The bridge forms a vital link connecting Sri Aman to Betong town, the Coastal Highway Road Network, and the newly completed Sarawak Pan Borneo Highway. It will reduce the distance between Kuching and Betong by 104km.

Its significance extends beyond mere connectivity and plays a pivotal role in realising the completion of a comprehensive transportation network in Sarawak.

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