Indigenous People

Indigenous People

Gamuda is committed to establishing and maintaining respectful and meaningful relationships with the communities of indigenous peoples in which we have a business presence. As a result, we actively engage indigenous communities like the Orang Asli to tap their expertise and knowledge of the natural habitat of flora and fauna. Our approach to engaging and supporting them via various programs aim to contribute to their economic empowerment, social development needs, and cultural well-being.

Orang Asli Employment

  • To date, we have included 37 Orang Asli within our workforce.
  • Through Wild Tree Seed Bank Project, we purchase wild tree seedlings from the Orang Asli and use their expertise to nurture these seedlings in a nursery before the trees are replanted elsewhere.
  • Wild Tree Seed Bank Project has benefitted 21 Orang Asli families. It has since been expanded to six more villages encompassing 39 families. At the moment, we have collected a total of 2,300 saplings of 69 local tree species.
  • We target to create at least 200 employment opportunities at the arboretum and nurseries for Orang Asli.

Orang Asli Education

  • 165 tablets were donated via the GL Cares programme.
  • Gamuda in collaboration with ACE Education had provided tuition for 136 students from Sekolah Kebangsaan (Asli) Bukit Cheding and Sekolah Kebangsaan Asli Bukit Kemandol. Of the total, 34 of them are students with special needs.
  • We aim to expand the educational programme to include personal enrichment skills such as singing, arts and crafts, and public speaking to help enhance the student's quality of life.

Batu Patong Eco Village in Sarawak

  • A social effort between Gamuda and the local Batu Patong Kelabit community.
  • Built by incorporating a boutique-scale eco-resort and a community homestay without impacting the unspoilt condition of Bario's green environment.
  • Owned and managed by the villagers.
  • Accorded multiple awards: World Silver Winner, Resort Category, FIABCI World Prix D'Excellence Awards 2022 and Resort Category, FIABCI Malaysia Property Awards 2021