Rehabilitating Environment

Our Expertise

From holistic and sustainable townships to innovative public infrastructure solutions, our expertise grows along with the needs of the industry.

Explore one of our three competency pillars below.

Biodiversity conservation towards sustainable environment

Gamuda believes that biodiversity lies at the heart of sustainable development and human well-being, and its conservation forms.

As a leading property developer, we have consistently promoted the philosophy of listening to the land and living in harmony with the natural environment, as we realise that connecting with nature promotes a sense of well-being and keeps us happy. 

Our landscape architects are the practitioners of biodiversity preservation as they seek to integrate nature into the spaces in all the projects that we embark on.

We launched Gamuda Parks in 2018 as an overarching programme to maintain the parks within our developments systematically and consistently while providing a platform to consolidate all our related efforts in biodiversity enrichment, audit, conservation, education, and township management.

Some of the key initiatives conducted by Gamuda through Gamuda Parks: 

  • Establishment of Forest Park, a 40Ha recreational and conservation zone in Gamuda Cove for wildlife conservation, nature research and forest fitness programmes among communities. 
  • Establishment of Wetlands Arboretum within the Forest Park to draw on the native knowledge of Orang Asli and scientific findings of arborists to cultivate plant and tree species that suit the habitat. Where appropriate, we revive endangered species of reintroduced native species.
  • Launched #OneMillionTrees initiative to preserve and promote biodiversity within Gamuda Gardens, Gamuda Cove, Horizon Hills, and twentyfive.7 through Miyawaki forest restoration method.
  • Establishment of Advanced Tree Planting initiative where trees will be replanted at future development sites. 
  • Taking strong guardianship of the Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands through biodiversity conservation efforts and public awareness programmes.
  • Fostering biodiversity conversation awareness among children through GParks Ranger programme.
  • Carbon sequestration exercise and tree tagging with online database. 
  • Reuse construction waste as a landscape element. 
  • Food waste management at Menara Gamuda and all Gamuda Land developments.
We regularly conduct biodiversity baseline audit and follow-up with an annual progress report whereby Gamuda Parks will consolidate information from all developments. 

An internal audit is performed for the annual progress report based on the targets stated in Gamuda Parks Biodiversity Policy. The internal audit is further supported with an external audit involving external advisors to review the findings from the reports by consultants and advise on Gamuda Parks biodiversity action plan.

Urban regeneration - Yen So Park, Vietnam

At the time of its construction, the Yen So Water Treatment Plant in South Hanoi was the largest water treatment plant in Vietnam.

Working alongside the Hanoi People’s Committee on the design, construction, testing and commissioning works, Gamuda constructed a plant which could treat up to 40 percent of Hanoi’s wastewater every day.

Gamuda met the needs of a proper sewage system in Hanoi when it first expanded to Vietnam to transform the area through the construction of the plant and Yen So Park, the largest green park in Vietnam.

At the completion of the project, the water quality in surrounding rivers, lakes and drains drastically improved, which in turn delivered significant socio-economic benefits to residents in Hanoi.