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Enabling Academy
5.1.1 Enabling Academy

Enabling Academy

In 2013, Gamuda launched Project Differently-Abled (Project DA). Since then, 20 employees with autism have been employed. This success inspired us to establish the Enabling Academy in 2017, aimed at preparing more people with autism for gainful and sustainable employment. The Enabling Academy conducts an employment transition programme that trains and places young adults with autism into companies that embrace diversity and inclusion in their workforce.

Enabling Academy
To aid educators, trainers and facilitators in their efforts to prepare their target group in achieving gainful and sustainable employment, Enabling Academy launched the Employment Transition Programme – Trainer’s Manual, focusing on the right training and support to improve the quality of life for people with autism.
Enabling Academy
Opportunities, training and the right support can improve the quality of life for people with autism.
Promoting gainful and sustainable employment for those on the autism spectrum would not be possible without the commitment of our partnering companies to embrace workplace inclusivity and diversity.
5.1.1 Enabling Academy

Project Aims

Offer an employment transition programme that provides pre-employment training and job placement support for adults with autism to achieve sustainable administrative or professional employment
Collaborate with partner companies to create sustainable employment opportunities for people with autism

Employment Transition Programme

This three-month employment transition programme, sponsored by Yayasan Gamuda, comprises two courses designed to equip trainees with relevant soft skills and practical job training that are essential for employability.

Course I: Personal Development for Career Sustainability

This course focuses on soft skills development and covers two modules: Personal Development and Career Development. Training is conducted in a classroom setting with creative approaches that encourage active participation from trainees for more effective learning. Lessons learned are then applied during practical training.

Course II: Job Skills Development

To develop their employability skills, a mock office with a simulation-based approach is set up at the academy so trainees may experience the corporate environment and their work in clerical, administrative, IT-related and research assistant roles. Practical training will be arranged for trainees with professional qualification during the second or third month of training.  Besides practical job training, basic work etiquette such as communication skills, accountability, teamwork and time management are taught in practical ways.

  • 21 years old and above
  • Official autism diagnosis or medical report from a registered psychologist/psychiatrist
  • Completed secondary school or tertiary education
  • Vocational aptitude suitable for administrative or professional jobs in a corporate setting
  • Applicants’ resume and diagnosis will be reviewed
  • Shortlisted applicants will attend face-to-face interview
  • Selected applicants will be notified by Enabling Academy
In effort to foster an inclusive and diverse work culture by replicating more Employment Transition Programmes (ETPs) nationwide, Enabling Academy proudly present the ETP Trainer’s Manual as a guide for special education teachers, vocational trainers and job coaches in preparing adults with autism and other learning disabilities for sustainable employment.

Apply Now

To apply, email your resume, medical diagnosis report and copies of certificates to Enabling Academy
(Intakes: January and July)

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