Marine Bridge – Guantang

Marine Bridge - Guantang

North Butterworth Container Terminal

The North Butterworth Container Terminal was a civil project pioneered by Gamuda Berhad in the early 1990s. Working with the Penang Port Commission, we constructed the container wharf and approach bridge, as well as container years, buildings and utilities – effectively raising the productivity and robustness of Penang Port, now a prime shipping port in Peninsular Malaysia.




2019 – 2022
Marine Bridge

2022 – 2024
Extension of Marine Bridge

In 2019, Gamuda-Dong Pi Joint Venture (JV) was awarded the construction contract worth RM521.71 million for the 1.23km-long Marine Bridge at Guantang, which was in 2022 extended by 376m with an additional sum of RM301.5 million, making it a total length of 1.61km.

The construction of the 1.23km marine bridge connecting a receiving terminal to a man-made island and a 284m long road embankment, includes soil investigation, foundation, a temporary bridge, and a working platform with environmental protection works was completed in 2022, while the extension is slated for completion in 2024.

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