Community Well-being

Our Expertise

From holistic and sustainable townships to innovative public infrastructure solutions, our expertise grows along with the needs of the industry.

Explore one of our three competency pillars below.

Gamuda prioritises the well-being of our communities and stakeholders. Whether engaging with the public or providing training and upskilling opportunities to our employees, Gamuda takes this matter extremely seriously.

We were recognised for our efforts when we won the Community Engagement Award for Underground Package MRT Putrajaya Line in 2019 at the Ground Engineering Awards in London.

MRT Kajang Line

Connected with 9,000 stakeholders

720 engagement sessions

recieved 3,000 enquiries

90% resolution rate

MRT Putrajaya Line

Over five years,

10,000 people connected

with nearlly across 860

engagement sessions

High-Quality Engagement For Smooth Project Delivery

Stakeholder management, community engagement, and disruption management are critical steps in managing projects that cross urban landscapes. While successful project progress is important, we also believe in minimising construction disruptions where we operate.

We have often taken a lead role, working proactively with the local community (residents' associations, commercial business owners, state assemblymembers and members of parliament) together with the project owner to manage temporary inconveniences while delivering high-quality community engagement activities where we are constructing.

We are experienced in constructing infrastructure along high-density urban areas within Greater Kuala Lumpur, with a population of nearly 12 million. We have built mass rapid transits on alignments spanning over 100km with close proximity to places of worship, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, live railways lines, petrol stations, stadiums and intercrossing highways.

What Gamuda practises is to keep stakeholders, particularly the general public, well-informed and up-to-date on the project progress, construction activities and traffic management. We believe this is necessary to manage expectations proactively and address potential concerns. This results in greater holistic support and buy-in on the project and augurs smooth project delivery.

Our proven record and achievements in managing community and sensitive issues throughout construction demonstrate our ability to deliver projects successfully and on time.

Indeed, via strategic planning, our Community Management team had navigated and managed tight urban settings such as Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur's Golden Triangle with everything from hotels, malls and standalone business operators to heritage buildings and schools along Ipoh Road in addition to one of Asia's largest and busiest hospitals. Learn more about how we successfully engaged and managed these communities.

Prioritising Our Human Capital

At Gamuda, we also believe in optimising human capital growth to help achieve our business goals and serve to increase employee satisfaction.

This is why Gamuda invests significantly in training and development to enhance its workforce's technical skills, allowing employees to undertake infrastructure and property development projects optimally and safely.

This boosts our workforce's morale, helps us retain our pool of skilled employees and contribute towards developing a safe work culture.

Some of Gamuda's development programmes for its workforce and industry partners include the Tunnelling Training Academy, Building Information Modelling Academy, and the KVMRT Safety Training Centre. Read more about our training development.