Engineering & Construction

Engineering & Construction​

As one of the top construction companies in Malaysia, we've spent the last four decades developing ground-breaking engineering and world-class infrastructure solutions. Our expertise includes civil engineering, mechanical engineering, engineering consulting and construction solutions.

SMART Tunnel

A leader in tunnel design and construction, Gamuda cemented its expertise in the field of tunnelling through the world’s first SMART floodwaters diversion and motorway tunnel.

Next-Gen Digital IBS

We’re revolutionising the industry with Malaysia’s first digital IBS facility, incorporating digital design tools, automation and robotic construction and manufacturing with enhanced quality, reduced timelines and safer working environments.

Urban Transformation

A visionary masterplanning of sustainable smart city modelled on urban green living, incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles.

Water & Hydroelectric Dam, Urban Regeneration, Water Treatment and Power Plant

We recognise water purification and accessibility is important for all living beings in the planet. Through Gamuda’s engineering proven expertise in water treatment solutions, we led to the completion of designing and construction of various water supply schemes, treatment plants and power stations.

Ports, Marine Structure & Buildings

Our engineering solutions spanning from deep and shallow water jetties to teaching hospitals, thermal power stations and beyond, accomplished through innovative excellence, project management experience and advance technical expertise.


We take pride in building modern bridges that are both architecturally majestic and able to withstand harsh weather fluctuations with expertise to bring bridge designs to life.


Gamuda has expert knowledge and experience in the design, construction and management of processes to deliver the highest possible standard airport runway facilities.

Gamuda Australia

Gamuda Australia is part of our business diversification into the global network, leveraging on our core capabilities in road and rail infrastructure, with a strong focus on tunnelling.

Pan Borneo Highway

Stormwater and Road Management Tunnel (SMART)



Gamuda Australia

Penang South Islands