5.1.5 Innovation


Innovation for our products, solutions and services provides opportunities for our businesses to continuously differentiate ourselves and keep us ahead of the curve. It is this mindset that drives our business to adopt new technologies and solutions, making us pioneers in areas such as using digital IBS to provide differentiated housing products and the creation of the Variable Density Tunnel Boring Machine (VD TBM) designed to bore through Klang Valley’s unique geological conditions.

Our approach towards innovation

5.1.5 Innovation

Industrialised Building
System (IBS)​

We are the first engineering and construction organisation in Malaysia to have constructed a fully robotic IBS factory. Our first IBS factory in Sepang commenced operations on 15 June 2016. A second IBS factory is being constructed in Banting which will be ready by end 2018. Our investment in the two fully integrated digital IBS factories has allowed us to transition from the conventional construction method to a digital building system where components are prefabricated in a controlled environment and moved to the building site for installation.

As at July 2018, some 1,800 apartment units have been completed using our digital IBS. By the end of 2018, our IBS factories will have a combined capacity to produce 8,000 property units per year.