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From holistic and sustainable townships to innovative public infrastructure solutions, our expertise grows along with the needs of the industry.

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Labour Management – Workers Welfare

A primary part of the social aspects of our business activity includes the welfare of our workforce are well taken care of. Our initiative aims to provide our workers with a living environment and other appropriate and conducive facilities. We genuinely believe that we have a moral obligation to ensure the provisions meet our workers' needs. 

The foreign workers employed by our contractors for all our projects are adequately housed in clean and comfortable centralised labour quarters (CLQs), complete with communal cooking and sporting facilities to ensure that our workforce leads a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The introduction of the CLQ concept in Malaysia through two mega infrastructure projects, the MRT Kajang Line and MRT Putrajaya Line, has set a new standard for housing for workers in the construction industry. 

There are many key features and facilities in the CLQ to take care of the workers' welfare, health, recreational and spiritual needs. Besides furnished accommodation, each CLQ is fully equipped with facilities such as kitchen (for those who want to cook their meals) and drinking water sanitation, common toilets and bath areas, washing area, a medical clinic with an in-house doctor, convenience store, hair salon, laundry service, cafeteria and surau. Other than free transportation to and from their worksite, residents of the CLQs also get scheduled garbage collection and a security system equipped with face-recognition software and closed-circuit television cameras at designated areas. 

Partnership and initiative with indigenous community

The communities where we operate are critical to our long-term success as our operations can affect these local stakeholders. 

From Orang Asli initiatives in Malaysia to Reconciliation Action Plan in Australia, we aim to sustain and develop the local communities through education, development programmes, environmental conservation and sustainability advocacy.

We work with Orang Asli by actively engaging the indigenous families and communities to tap their expertise and knowledge with the natural habitat of flora and fauna in our biodiversity conservation works. We offer them education and employment opportunity to effectively reduce the disadvantage faced by the aboriginal people in Malaysia. 

Our key programmes with Orang Asli: 

  • Orang Asli (indigenous) Temuan Villages – enhancement and preserve traditional knowledge for medical and plant gardening with the five Orang Asli Temuan Villages.
  • Upskilling training of Temuan women – training provided to women from the Temuan Orang Asli community to sew and sell reuseable mask.  
  • Wild Tree Seed Bank – a project jointly conducted with native communities towards the propagation of tree species at Gamuda developments. Using the traditional knowledge and experiences from the native communities, tree species are identified for conservation, with saplings then planted at our developments and arboretum to support Gamuda Parks’ policy of planting more than 50 percent of native trees at our project sites.
  • Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve – we have committed towards the funding and resources to the rehabilitation of the Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve peat swamp forest. The Peatland Water Management and Forest Rehabilitation work is implemented in partnership with NGO Global Environment Centre, the Selangor State Forestry Department and the Orang Asli Development Department. The objectives of this programme are to establish a local community group to help in forest patrols in the prevention of fire, to support the implementation of the Forest Fire Management Plan, and to create awareness among primary school children in peat swamp forest conservation.
  • Junior Peatland Forest Ranger and Peatland Forest Ranger Programmes – Together with BOH Plantation, we have invested in the Junior Peatland Forest Ranger and Peatland Forest Ranger Programmes, aimed at educating students on peat swamp forest. A total of 126 students and 25 teachers from various schools in Kuala Langat, Hulu Selangor and Kuala Selangor districts benefitted from these programmes.

Workplace Diversity

We employ a diverse workforce to tap into a wider talent pool with different background and expertise, generating creative solutions that will help the Group stay competitive in the ever-challenging and globalised business environment.

Our guiding principles are to promote and protect fundamental human and labour rights, and values to achieve our collective goal for excellence. Gamuda's commitment to building a diverse and inclusive workplace is reflected in the composition of our workforce.

Workplace Diversity

The Group's Gender Diversity for FY2022

Total number of employees in FY2022
The numbers presented refer to permanent and contract employees from all our companies local and overseas excluding joint ventures and associates, except for Australia.

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The Group's Gender Diversity on the Board FY2022

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The Group's Age Diversity for FY2022

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No. of employees:
FY2022: 3,895
FY2021: 3,615
FY2020: 4,284

Enabling Academy

One of Gamuda's core social commitments is in advocating equal employment opportunities for people on the autism spectrum. We believe neurodiversity drives diversity of thinking and innovation, and with the right support in place, hiring employees with autism provides real benefits to the Group's diverse businesses.  

As we expand our advocacy, we realise many businesses could also benefit from hiring employees with autism by increasing diversity and inclusiveness at work and at the same time filling the skills gaps within their company with an almost untapped group of employees.

So, the birth of Enabling Academy (EA) in 2017, an extension of Project Differently-Abled (PDA) to empower young adults on the autism spectrum with soft skills and train them to be gainfully employed through our Employment Transition Programme (ETP). 

Since its inception, EA has managed to secure job trials, internships and job opportunities for 80% of its graduates. Some of EA's graduates even have ventured out to build their small businesses. To date, we are proud to note that 86% of our graduates have remained in the same industry after one year.  

Over the years, EA efforts have continuously been recognised and improved given the strong partnership from its extensive network with professors from the United Kingdom, Japan and China. 

Our Impact
Public Awareness Outreach on the Employability of persons with autism by Enabling Academy
Local Communities
Gamuda Employees

Furthering access for the next five years

Feeling encouraged by the progress of the EA graduates, ETP and ETP Manual, EA has embarked on a five-year plan, consisting of a series of initiatives, moving towards greater outreach for engagement, recruitment and partnership activations for EA's graduates and partners companies, and training the trainers' program to replicate more quality and eective ETP nationwide. 

In the pipeline, recruitment eorts of potential partner companies will continue to expand with the other industries to give better exposure to EA graduates, as autistic people would like to work across dierent sectors in a wide variety of jobs. 

EA will be setting up a social support group to promote better social well-being amongst them and equip them with the social communication skills to form and sustain social relationships at work and in life. 

Training and Development

We firmly believe that our success depends on the calibre of our people. That's why we're committed to recruiting the best talent and providing our employees with ongoing training and development opportunities to help them reach their full potential.

We invest heavily in the technical skills of our workforce to ensure they can efficiently and safely handle our infrastructure and property development projects. Along with leadership and management training, our employees receive continuous support to enhance their competencies, which translates into better outcomes for our business.

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