Gamuda Gardens: Elevating Klang Valley North
30 Jun 2021 |

Leveraging on the natural beauty of rugged, forested hills and tempered with landscaping in line with the land

Gamuda Gardens is crafted as an address that people want to be a part of, grow up and grow old in.

Nestled amidst the rugged, forested hills of Klang Valley North, Gamuda Gardens leverages on the natural beauty of its location with faithfully curated landscapes elevating the prestigious, mindfully planned residential enclaves of the 810-acre township.

From the lush backdrop of its 50-acre Central Park, showcasing a vibrant vista with five cascading lakes and thoughtful balance of native flora and fauna species, to its integrated green spaces, green roofs and vegetated swale drains managing stormwater runoff, Gamuda Gardens embodies Gamuda Land’s development principle: listening to what the land has to tell us.

By working with nature and incorporating it into Gamuda Gardens’ master plan through its Gamuda Parks initiative, Gamuda land ensures the desirability and sustainability of the development as a whole. In this way, it crafts the township into an address that people want to be a part of, grow up and grow old in, as the elegant new pulse of Klang Valley North.

“Listening to what the land has to tell us is a development principle that runs through all our townships and vertical communities.”

– Wong

At the centre of it all

“At the heart of Gamuda Land’s approach to Gamuda Gardens is an abiding respect for the land’s natural heritage, in line with the Gamuda Green Plan and its first pillar, governing sustainable Planning and design, and Circular Construction. this is best seen in the township’s pet-friendly Central Park, which saw the rehabilitation of an existing monocultural rubber plantation into a biodiverse parkland, enriching the surrounding ecosystem while serving as a hub for the Gamuda Gardens community as well as visitors,” said Gamuda Gardens and Kundang estates project assistant general manager Wong Siew Lee.

Initiatives to restore the site include the introduction of managed woodland blocks with naturally progressing understory, with the Central Park comprising 77% native flora species. The focus on native species allows for vigorous growth and cost- effective yet sustainable landscaping. In addition, constructed wetland cells facilitate natural water filtration while enhancing biodiversity. Finally, Gamuda Land preserved the site’s groundwater while safeguarding the quality of lake water through the cultivation of healthy lake aquaculture.

The rehabilitation of Central Park’s biodiversity was established through biodiversity audits in 2014, which found species variation rates lower than that of surrounding secondary forests and in 2018, which showed more than 177 flora and fauna species on-site, including those with conservation importance.

Living side by side with nature

listening to what the land has to tell us is more than just a motto to Gamuda land; it is a development principle that runs through all its townships and vertical communities. this is seen in Gamuda Gardens, where the natural contours of the land were taken into account when planning for residential precincts such as Monarc and preserving the natural character of the site while delivering spectacular, elevated hillside views for residents.

Gamuda Gardens’ connection to the land is not just ideological but physical as well, with a continuous, seamless network of green spaces running through the township leading to the Central Park at its heart. In this way, Gamuda Gardens offers exclusive homes with nature right at the doorstep, fulfilling the growing demand for outdoors connections following recent lockdowns.

This greenery serves as both an aesthetic element enhancing Gamuda Gardens’ appeal as well as a biological filter and natural habitat for flora and fauna. For example, green roofs are integrated into viewing pavilions to filter rainwater for discharge into nearby water bodies while reducing surface runoff, improving air quality and cooling ambient temperatures. these are supplemented by photovoltaic panels on the roof of the township’s Waterfront Village, generating renewable energy (RE) to reduce the Waterfront Village’s electricity consumption by 85%. Gamuda Group aims for a 40% reduction in carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions, compared to business as usual by 2030 in its developments and townships, by reducing non-renewable energy use through efficient cooling systems, smart features, solar street lighting and RE installations.

In addition, more than 1.6km of vegetated swale drains throughout the township mitigate potential flood risks by redirecting excess water, while integrated root systems manage soil erosion. By building in harmony with nature, Gamuda land creates sustainable towns that stand the test of time.

An address in high esteem

Aside from its benefits for Gamuda Gardens as a whole, this nature-centric design also complements Gamuda Gardens Esteem, the township’s latest residential precinct catering for home seekers in search of tranquil lifestyles secluded from the bustle of the city. With an emphasis on elegance and exclusivity, upcoming launches within the precinct embody Gamuda Land’s upmarket approach to Klang Valley North.

These launches include Monarc, with a limited selection of contemporary bungalow and semi-detached boutique homes espousing the most discerning pedigree in terms of form and function.

High ceilings and spacious layouts abound, bathing Monarc interiors in natural light and delivering greater connections to nature, both home seeker priorities in the new normal.

While setting the benchmark for privacy with exclusive gated and guarded communities in Klang Valley North, Gamuda Gardens Esteem also offers residents the best of both worlds, with vibrant retail and commercial components within easy reach in Gamuda Gardens for daily essentials. these include the Waterfront Village, which offers a range of conveniences and wellness options, and the upcoming Gardens Square. The latter is a 6.7-acre commercial hub that will house a robust selection of tenants, tailored for post-pandemic needs like an established grocer and drive-through restaurant.

Gardens Square encourages residents and visitors to enjoy its shaded walkways, thereby reducing carbon footprints and building the community.

The pet-friendly Gardens Square showcases Gamuda Land’s commitment to sustainable town-making, with a focus on walkability and pedestrian comfort. electric bike and scooter rental services encourage residents and visitors to enjoy its shaded walkways, reducing Gamuda Gardens’ carbon footprint while encouraging healthy social interaction within the community.

With premiere accessibility to the city centre via major routes such as the North- south, Guthrie Corridor and Kuala lumpur- Kuala Selangor (Latar) Expressways, Gamuda Gardens itself features a gross development value of RM10.1bil, with 6,200 residential units projected once complete.