How I developed my passion for people at Gamuda
27 Jun 2018 | Aaron Chan, Gamuda Berhad Head of Learning and Development.

Career development is a vital cog of all growing companies. Getting the best out of employees, and nurturing them to find their full potential has exponential benefits for the entire group.

My journey with Gamuda is a perfect example of how an individual should never stop wanting to learn and improve themselves.

I first joined Gamuda around ten years ago as an engineer, but soon felt that engineering wasn’t quite for me. I almost left the organisation thinking that I wasn’t going to be able to progress in my career.

Luckily, Gamuda was very open in allowing me to explore and nurture my interests.

I had already started engaging in a lot of talent development initiatives within Gamuda Engineering and one day they asked, “Why not move to Gamuda Learning Centre and continue your training there?” So I thought, why not?

Two years on and I’m now Head of Learning and Development at Gamuda Learning Centre.


Not only did the role align with my desire to engage with people more, but it allowed me to move on from what was holding me back — the notion that I had to stick to engineering.

Gamuda has been great in allowing me, and employees like me, to explore what really motivates us, what makes us come to work, what makes us smile and what makes us breathe.

I think the organisation realises and appreciates that if people are motivated, they will grow tremendously as individuals as well.

What’s most rewarding is I’ve actually met a handful of fresh graduates who have heard my story and subsequently decided to move to other departments themselves.

They say to me: “Your story makes a point. You don’t have to stay in the field that you studied. Follow your passion and what motivates you.”

For that, I’m really proud and now, each day, I make it a priority to learn how to inspire and empower people, all whilst sharing my knowledge and experience.

I myself was inspired and empowered by great communicators and leaders. Thus, I’m doing everything I can to further my development so I too can continue to be an inspiration to others.