5.2.2 Biodiversity


We have always sought to protect the natural environment of areas that we develop and are committed to creating more liveable environments for our communities. We listen to the land to be able to preserve the hills, wetlands, water rolling terrain and water quality. Guided by this philosophy, our developments have matured over the years to encompass healthy green lungs that not only support the existence of plant and animal life, but also create a sense of well-being for residents.

Our biodiversity conservation efforts

Environmental Compliance

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) serves as an environmental management tool to evaluate and minimise environmental damage resulting from our developments through timely, adequate, corrective and protective mitigation measures. Recent developments for which we have conducted EIAs are Gamuda Cove, Gamuda Gardens and twentyfive.7. In the process, we have identified a number of endangered species on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List and our subsequent conservation efforts to protect local biodiversity at these developments.

5.2.2 Biodiversity

Improving Green Spaces

Green spaces are integral to creating a holistic sense of well-being and providing natural habitats for wildlife that helps to conserve biodiversity. In designing our landscapes, our green coverage exceeds the minimum requirement of 10%.