Safety and Health

Safety and Health

Why It Matters

Gamuda believes that our people are our most valuable asset, and creating a safe work environment has become the Group’s primary objective in ensuring the safety, health and welfare of the people are protected. Our people refers to not only the employees and workers but is inclusive of subcontractors, suppliers and any other person who is impacted by the work we deliver. We trust that by ensuring our construction site is safe, it also keeps the public safe. Construction sites are usually located in busy areas where there is general public movement. Inadequate safety protocols can allow objects to fall on innocent bystanders, putting people not connected to the project at risk.

As safety and health are of paramount importance to the Group, we aim to continuously improve our safety and health performance through robust risk assessments and controls as well as the adoption of best practices and procedures. Our Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Policy outlines the relevant processes and approach that sets our high safety and health standards while also meeting regulatory requirements. This policy is regularly reviewed to strengthen our safety and health performance and ensure it remains relevant to our business objectives. In FY2020, the Group enhanced the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Standard by adopting the Australian standard which meets the requirement beyond Malaysia. 

We adhere to stringent safety requirements for all the high-risk activities at our construction sites, such as working at heights, crane and lifting operation, and plant and machinery management to reduce the number of accidents arising from these activities. These safety efforts have resulted in Gamuda’s accreditation under the Work Health and Safety Accreditation Scheme administered by the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner, Australia until November 2022. 

By adhering to strict safety and health rules, Gamuda has managed to reduce the number of major injury accidents (Class 1, 2, and 3) involving high-risk activities (working at heights, crane and lifting operation, and plant and machinery) at the workplace from nine cases in FY2019 to four cases in FY2020. 

As a leading construction company, having a safe work environment has contributed to safeguarding reputation and supporting our local and international project tenders. Our emphasis on safety and health also boosted the morale of our employees, helped us retain our pool of skilled manpower, and contributed towards developing a safe work culture.

Sustainability - Safety

We take lessons learnt from accidents involving high-risk activities and use that as a basis to improve on the gaps in our safety and health practice. A thorough and transparent investigation will be conducted in the event of an accident to identify any gaps in work process, and the investigation findings will be used to enhance our process to prevent recurrence of the incident. Subsequently, we conduct ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the enhanced process to maintain its effectiveness.