Quality Assessment System in Construction (QLASSIC) is a voluntary third party assessment with CIDB to evaluate the workmanship of a building construction based on the Construction Industry Standard (CIS7:2014). QLASSIC enables the quality of workmanship between construction projects to be objectively compared through a scoring system. In FY2020, our Gamuda Land HighPark Suites received the QLASSIC certification with a score of 75 percent.

Sustainability - Initiatives

Star Golden Hearts Award (SGHA)

Since 2016, we have contributed more than RM4 million to the annual Star Golden Hearts Award and Gamuda Inspiration Award a joint initiative by The Star, Star Foundation, and Yayasan Gamuda to celebrate the work of unsung heroes who go the distance in helping those in need irrespective of race, culture and religion. This is reflective of the values we hold dear as an organisation to galvanise and recognise an entire ecosystem of humanitarian and inclusive initiatives.

Every year, the number of nominations received increases double fold. In 2020, more than 500 nominations were received. This is a reflection of the growing humanitarian ecosystem in Malaysia over the years when we received 100 nominations when SGHA first started in 2016.

The nominations cut across all categories ranging from individuals, NGOs, social enterprises and companies. The range of benevolent, public-spirited and altruistic causes include education, environment and social purposes. The charitable initiatives involve employment, entrepreneurship, youth empowerment, digital literacy, waste management, nature conservation, urban agriculture, ecotourism, community welfare for the homeless and urban poor, disabled with special needs, water and sanitation in rural and indigenous communities, and animal welfare.

Each year, 10 outstanding individuals or groups are chosen as award winners and among them a Gamuda Inspiration Award winner will be selected to receive a grant of RM50,000 in contribution towards their cause. This resonates with our goal in empowering community-building efforts that leave a positive impact on the lives of others through socioeconomic development.

Sustainability - Initiatives

International Women’s Day

On 6 March 2020, we organised an event for our employees at Menara Gamuda to mark the International Women’s Day, a global day in celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

At Gamuda, we strongly believe in the power of harnessing the potential of women and we are dedicated in providing all the support we can to help keep women in the workforce while they strive to raise a family at the same time. Gamuda is committed to invest in our employee to go on contributing, move up the corporate ladder and be eligible for decision-making roles in the boardroom – and we want them to do so deservingly, on their own merits.

At present, 33 percent of the board is made up of women, who constitute the board. While we are supportive of equal opportunity for women’s participation in the labour force through family-friendly employment policy and facilities, continual participation remains the most critical workplace issue. Currently 31 percent of the workforce in Gamuda comprises of women, compared to 29 percent in 2019.

The highlight of the event during the International Women’s Day this year was the “Stay On, Everyone Wins” forum that we hosted, aimed at building awareness on empowering women at workplace and its significance. Featuring Malaysia’s longest-serving Minister of International Trade and Industry Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, the forum discussed how, in more recent decades, gender gaps at work were found to have been based on women’s own decisions that were influenced by social norms rather than a result of overt discrimination.

Sustainability - Initiatives


As the Group continues to further drive digitalisation, Gamuda’s Talent Management is leveraging on technology to facilitate knowledge and skill development among our employee by utilising a mobile learning gamification application called Gametize.

Classroom training is no longer the only way to learn and acquire skills, and gamification is the latest and more interesting way to learn. Gamification is well-suited for today’s learners who have grown up with technologies and want strong engagement while learning, as the game-based mechanics and aesthetics motivate action and problem solving.

Gametize is a flexible learning platform that can be customised for any training topic, which is especially useful during the year when social distancing have affected physical training plans. Gametize uses online quizzes, diagrams and flashcards to entice learners to complete challenges toward defined learning objectives.

The Gametize way of e-learning in bite-sized modules that takes only 10-15 minutes to complete has proven to be popular not only among the younger audience, but also among the tech-savvy seniors in Gamuda.

Sustainability - Initiatives

Women In Engineering

While engineering is a male-dominated profession, Gamuda is dedicated to shake up the perception and diversify its workforce with a more gender-balanced talent pool. We constantly offer opportunity and encourage women to take up roles that are traditionally occupied by men, and we are proud to know many women who took up the challenge persevered and excelled in the tasks assigned to them. From a specialty instructor who conducts fire safety training for all site workers working underground at the MRT Kajang Line, to a site engineer who was promoted to become the Section Head of KLCC East underground station, we have groomed many female workers who excelled in the engineering roles along with their male counterparts.

To further increase female participation in our workforce, we have started the Gamuda Women Empowerment Network (GWEN), aimed at providing women a support network to help advance their careers. Through GWEN, we hope to encourage more women participation especially at managerial and senior levels. We want to educate our workforce in removing cultural impediments about women in leadership positions as well as discuss the types of policy measures needed to promote more diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

We also seek to retain more female employees in the workforce through a host of benefits under the Women@Work initiative, offering options to women to raise their family amid career development such as extended maternity leave and Flexi Work Arrangement to accommodate to the needs of working mothers.

Sustainability - Initiatives