Hiring and Turnover

Hiring and Turnover

Why It Matters

Gamuda views our people as the greatest asset of the Group. As an infrastructure company, our success is heavily dependent on engineering excellence and expertise to drive technological advancement. This core competency is deeply rooted in the knowledge and dedication brought by our employees, as humans are behind each technology advancement and breakthrough.

This is evidenced by our latest award-winning (Autonomous Tunnel Boring Machine, A-TBM), a true Malaysian innovation designed by an in-house team of engineers at MMC Gamuda that is undertaking the Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit construction project. Therefore, efficient manpower planning is important for Gamuda to maintain an optimal level of talents to sustain the business. At the same time, we seek to keep employee turnover to a minimum by providing a positive employee experience overall through continuous engagement and retention strategies.

Our hiring activity will typically increase when the Group embarks on a new project. This is balanced against a healthy turnover as this will enable the replenishment and growth of new talents with new skill sets.

The management of our human capital is a material sustainability matter as our people are the primary stakeholder that drives the business, bringing innovation to our projects. All of these will have an indirect impact on the construction and engineering industry in Malaysia due to Gamuda’s position as an industry leader. An event that may alter the Group’s hiring and retention rate would be an industry slowdown or a lack of new business for the Group to sustain its workforce expansion.