Community Investment

Community Investment

Yayasan Gamuda

Yayasan Gamuda was established in 2016 to oversee the Group’s charitable efforts while ensuring all these initiatives are aligned with Gamuda’s aspirations for community investments and development. The foundation arm that focuses primarily on educational aid and empowering social enterprises for community improvement has year after year contributed to various impactful causes, be it a Group initiative or an external movement.

Sustainability - Community

These efforts invariably aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals 4 (Quality Education) and 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation).

Gamuda strongly believes in contributing back to build the community that made us, and Yayasan Gamuda is our way to institutionalise the efforts to reinvest the profits earned in areas that will bring about significant social and economic difference in the places we do business.

Every year, Yayasan Gamuda conducted three recurring anchor projects under its Local Community Engagement initiatives, namely the Gamuda Scholarship, Enabling Academy, and the Star Golden Hearts Award.

Since 1996, Yayasan Gamuda has invested RM44.7 million and awarded 444 scholarships to outstanding Malaysian students to complete their tertiary education every year at the best universities in Malaysia, including at the local campus of foreign universities. We do this by awarding funds covering the course fees and welfare of scholars, as well as engagement and development activities throughout the funded period. In reflection of the Group’s core businesses, scholarships are offered to those pursuing engineering, quantity surveying, development and urban planning, property and real estate management, and architecture.

Gamuda has set up the Enabling Academy in 2017, aimed at preparing more people with autism for gainful and sustainable employment. The Enabling Academy conducts an Employment Transition Programme that trains and places young adults with autism into partner companies that embrace diversity and inclusion in their workforce.

Yayasan Gamuda has been supporting the Star Golden Hearts Award since 2016. The event honours and celebrates the work of unsung Malaysian heroes who go the extra mile to help those in need irrespective of race, culture and religion, which are the values we hold dear as an organisation. The award serves as an encouragement for increasingly more Malaysians to rise and become better citizens. Each year, ten (10) individuals or groups are chosen as award winners, and out of the 10, a Gamuda Inspiration Award winner is chosen to receive RM50,000 for their cause. The winner for 2019 was Sujana Mohd Rejab, whose efforts enabled physically impaired individuals to have equal privileges and access to a quality life with dignity. Other past winners were UmieAktif (2018), a social enterprise project which empowers underprivileged mothers in the Chow Kit area through sewing and crafting skills; Barefoot Mercy (2017), which brings light and builds schools in rural Sarawak; and Kedai Jalanan (2016), a pop-up store that clothes the homeless with dignity.

In addition to these anchor projects that were initiated, Yayasan Gamuda also funds initiatives that meet our objectives for community enhancement.

Yayasan Gamuda adheres to several guiding principles to ensure that all initiatives we support are in line with the Group’s aspirations for community investments. We want our projects to be transformative and be able to uplift our beneficiaries with real, effective change that would otherwise not have been possible. All our activities are sustainable in itself, as well as promote self-sustainability in the lives of the beneficiaries for the longer term.

We also wish to empower so our beneficiaries are able to become independent and empowered to take control of their own destiny. We strive to be inclusive, and Yayasan Gamuda activities need to promote inclusiveness in the community. To make an impact, we focus on activities where we have the knowledge and commitment to make a meaningful difference. We promote partnership, as we believe that being co-participants with the beneficiaries in the change process will encourage and promote ownership for both parties.

Lastly, we want to ensure our target projects are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 6.