5.4.2 Community Development

5.4.2 Community Development

Community Development

We do not exist in a vacuum. Everywhere we go, countless lives, families and communities are directly or indirectly affected by our corporation’s stance on community development.

In line with our guiding principles, our community development programme Yayasan Gamuda was set up to house all our charitable programmes under one roof – with a special focus on educational aid and community improvement.

Our Guiding Principles


Uplifting our beneficiaries with real, effective change that otherwise would be impossible


Our efforts must be sustainable and promote self-sustainability among our beneficiaries


We work towards enabling our beneficiaries to be independent


We look at everyone's needs in the community


Targeting activities that we specialise in for greater impact


We don't just provide handouts, but become co-participants

Community Development Initiatives

5.4.2 Community Development

Enabling Academy

Enabling and emporing people with autism to have meaningful careers and personal independence.

5.4.2 Community Development

School Outreach Programme

We reached out to eight schools and provided high-quality science, technology, engineering and mathematics education initiatives.

5.4.2 Community Development

QSHE@School Programme

Increase students’ knowledge towards health and safety to promote behaviours that help reduce accidents and injuries.

5.4.2 Community Development

Embracing Malaysian Designs

Seven of our KVMRT Line 1 underground stations have incorporated murals and designs that reflect our nation’s cultural diversity.

5.4.2 Community Development

Greenhouse Project

We designed and constructed greenhouses for the Orang Asli community to help boost farming techniques, with the intention to incorporate livestock and aquaculture in the future.

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