5.4 Social Contribution

5.4 Social Contribution

Social Contribution

We are committed to building talent for the Group and for the nation. We provide a conducive workplace for our employees, and we offer pragmatic support for the communities that we live and work with. Beyond building a business, we believe in building relationships and strengthening bonds with stakeholders.

The synergy created from matching the needs of the business with that of our workforce is premised on five core values of the Group – Take Personal Ownership; Walk the Talk; Adopt Open, Honest Communication; Demonstrate Real Teamwork; and Develop our People. This culture has proven to be a winning formula in our employee retention and satisfaction.

Today, we are proud to have a sizeable pool of longserving talents. We attribute this to our active employee engagement and strong employer brand that delivers. We aim to meet the ambitions and aspirations of our employees by providing them access to the tools needed to achieve their personal and career development goals. This, coupled with an open, communicative and collaborative relationship with the organisation, has resulted in productive and rewarding careers for our people.



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