Gamuda Women’s Empowerment Network

Empowering Women

Recognising the primary household responsibilities of women in caring and nurturing their children, we offer women-centric benefits package to our working mothers which includes:

Gamuda Women Empowerment Network (GWEN)

In FY2018, we launched GWEN to help in the career advancement of women through a support network. It also serves as a platform to spread awareness on women empowerment and about raising the bar for Gamuda’s female workforce in order for them to take charge of their careers and aim for the top. Our goal is to ensure strong diverse leadership pipeline. GWEN focuses on three pillars, mainly Career Development, Engagement and Well-being.

Through GWEN, our women are exposed to external leaders who share their views in terms of leadership experiences in a learning environment that would have direct relevance and personal impact. This year, we conducted two leadership programmes:

Employee Management
Leadership programmes that take place under GWEN

This year, GWEN’s initiatives have expanded beyond helping women, and have traversed across the 4R approach towards managing our wider pool of employees. Some key initiatives from GWEN include our involvement with International Women’s Day 2019, the Emotional Wellness Programme and Move@Work.

International Women’s Day 2019:
Game On for Fair Play

This year’s International Women’s Day was themed #BalanceforBetter, as it steers the path to a shared future built on diversity and inclusion. On 8 March 2019, we celebrated International Women’s Day to mark the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Growing our youth workforce, through striking the balance to think equal, building smart and innovating regardless of gender and diversity are some of the key topics for this year.

The world is now characterised by evolving gender responsibilities and the use of digital technology to improve the way people work. The path to a shared future is built on diversity and inclusion. The construction industry as a whole is one of the most notoriously male-dominated professions. However, with technology involved and the industry becoming more digital, more engineering works are taken off-site for women to look forward to especially for the newer generation.

Gamuda Women’s Empowerment Network
Leadership programmes that take place under GWEN

The Minister of Youth and Sports, YB Tuan Syed Saddiq attended this year’s celebration, sharing his beliefs that the youth are best placed to ensure that organisations prepare for the future and also lead today. A more conducive environment can be developed through empathy and collaboration regardless of race, gender, and religion.

Emotional Wellness Programme

Organised by GWEN, this pilot project is extended to all employees to address the different elements of an employee’s wellness. The Emotional Wellness Programme is run by a Trainee Counsellor for two of our in-house community development initiatives, Project Differently-Abled and Enabling Academy. The Emotional Wellness Programme aims to provide a safe space for all Gamudians to express their emotions, whether work-related or personal. Launched in July 2019, this initiative has received positive feedback and we are motivated to create a healthier workplace.

We aspire to break the stigma surrounding mental health issues by organising related workshops and awareness sessions. We believe this will help to build a network of supportive, caring and empathetic Gamudians who can then spread this awareness beyond just the workplace.

Leadership programmes that take place under GWEN

Initiated by GWEN, Move@Work was carried out by Movement First, a sports rehabilitation company. A seminar was conducted on overall foot health as well as good habits to improve posture at the workplace. The Seminar was then followed by a health screening session, where participants were evaluated on postural structures and habits. A complementary on-site physiotherapy session was provided for 32 employees.

This initiative was well received by Gamudians with equal participation from male employees. This has set the pace for GWEN’s gender-neutral approach, encouraging good workplace health and performance among employees.