Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

We encourage open conversations among employees and provide opportunities for our employees to express and share their experience at work. Our various communication channels enable a two-way dialogue through town-hall meetings, Workplace by Facebook, intranet and others. We continuously aim to improve employee satisfaction by fostering a strong employer-employee relationship through regular and effective engagements.

We also ensure a healthy work-life balance for our employees which supports our belief that work and life need to be complementary and synergistic. Every year, we organise various engagement activities, which serve as avenues for networking and relationship-building to foster a sense of belonging among employee across all business units. Through our in-house Sports Club, employees have various choices to participate in annual trips, sporting and social events at subsidised rates.

Gamuda IBS – DIG.IT

Gamuda IBS recognises the magnitude of the measures needed to be ahead of the game in today’s digital ecosystem. It is therefore imperative to promote, develop and nurture an innovative and digital-centric mindset among Gamuda IBS employees, given the significant investment in digital technology plays at Gamuda IBS.

“DIG.IT” was introduced in FY2018 to provide a structured platform for employees to spur and present ideas while taking ownership of the resulting initiatives. DIG.IT aspires to create a culture that is geared towards embracing fast-paced digitalisation. DIG.IT stands for Disrupt, Innovate, Generate, Inspire and Transform, and is based on these five themes:

Employee Engagement

We hope to achieve continuous improvements to existing processes through identification of gaps and opportunities, followed by devising suitable solutions. This is complemented by the added benefit that ideas and recommendations are coming directly from our workforce. These collective efforts are regarded as an asset because it is reflective of how our people aspire to align to Industry 4.0, and not just depending on the tone from the top.

We believe that innovative thinking among our people will be a huge driver for Gamuda IBS to keep up with and embrace the latest technological trends. Gamuda IBS has already started giving out awards as a token of appreciation for the efforts undertaken by its employees towards DIG.IT, and endeavour to ensure that this becomes a regular initiative. We hope to encourage and inspire more Gamuda IBS employees to express and share creative ideas in the future.