Food Waste to Compost

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation estimated 1.3 billion tonnes of food waste is generated globally every year. According to Solid Waste Corporation, Malaysians alone generate a whopping 16,688 tonnes of food waste daily – enough to feed 12 million people three times a day.

When food residues decompose in landfills, they emit highly polluting greenhouse gases, of which 47 percent is the combustible methane. Therefore, we should adopt a circular economy to save on handling costs and reduce the bulk of waste that goes to the landfills. By reducing wastage, we can be more efficient in land and water use, leaving a positive impact on climate change and livelihoods.

A Group-wide Plate to Plant Programme was conducted at Menara Gamuda and Jade Hills to reduce the food waste generated throughout the office blocks and commercial dining outlets. Food composting machines were installed at Menara Gamuda and Jade Hills to collect up to 100kg of food waste daily at each site, while our employees, residents and food operators were encouraged to support this initiative by throwing leftovers into the designated bins.

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Food waste to compost