Why It Matters

Gamuda believes that biodiversity lies at the heart of sustainable development and human well-being, and its conservation forms the core of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Biodiversity underpins the provision of clean air, water and food, and helps to mitigate climate change. It also supports human health and adds value to the economy by providing jobs in agriculture, industry, tourism and leisure, and many other sectors via payment through ecosystem services. Biodiversity acts as a key indicator that defines the health of an ecosystem as the more biodiverse the ecosystem, the healthier the environment is for the community to inhabit.

We believe that biodiversity is reflective of the richness, variety and ultimately the health of an environment, and rich natural environments, in turn, support and enrich our living conditions. As a leading property developer, Gamuda Land has always promoted the philosophy of listening to the land and living in harmony with the natural environment, as we realise that connecting with the nature promotes a sense of well-being and keeps us happy. 

As we harness the finite land resources for township development, we are fully aware that we need to do this mindfully so as t mitigate and minimise negative impact caused by the project, while at the same time preserving and enriching the natural environment to leave a net positive impact. We are determined to ensure that development and nature preservation can co-exist to improve the living quality for the human being. We acknowledge that it is our responsibility to create a conducive space for our residents while being mindful to the flora and fauna in the vicinity. 

At Gamuda Land, our landscape architects are the practitioners of biodiversity preservation as they seek to integrate nature into the spaces at our projects. Marrying biodiversity conservation with our developments was never an afterthought. We believe that studying the biodiversity state of the site before any intervention would make us cautious of the land that we are working on. This is a planning process conducted ahead of time to ensure that the sustenance of the biodiversity is well-kept even years after the township has matured.