5.1.4 Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

We are committed to enhancing our processes and engaging with our suppliers to identify and manage risks, increase productivity and efficiency within the supply chain, underpinned by values of integrity and transparency. We look to create value, by looking for opportunities to collaborate and to share best practices with our suppliers. Our procurement processes are guided by Group Procurement Policies and Procedures (G3P), as well as Our Procurement Code of Conduct (GPCC), which together ensure effective and fair business with the ultimate objective of obtaining the best products and services in the most cost effective and ethical manner.

Our principles of
good procurement governance

5.1.4 Supply Chain Management


In 2018, we embarked on a digital platform provided by SAP Ariba to improve our procurement and supply chain management which will be fully implemented in FY2019. The system will enable us to announce open tenders on a cloud-based supplier marketplace, through which suppliers submit their bids electronically. This will improve the quality of data, speed of processing and visibility across our supply chain. In addition, it will allow for efficient management of our large supplier database while promoting our efforts to go paperless.