Training and Development

Training and Development

In 2019, the training and development expenditure was over RM5.9 million across the Group and project sites.

Gamuda Learning Centre (GLC)

The Group’s Training Needs Analysis allows us to ensure our employee’s development plans are designed purposefully to improve work performance. Skills-based and technical trainings are provided to employees from all career levels and job streams to ensure fair and equal opportunities. We have sharpened the focus of our training this year with a more targeted effort aimed at upskilling Gamudians in terms of leadership, and strengthening their ability to embrace changes brought forth by the Industrial Revolution 4.0 to remain relevant and competitive. Employees received 9.8 hours of training per employee from GLC compared with 13.3 hours per employee in FY2018.

English Language Unit (ELU)

As part of our development plan, an English Language Unit (ELU) was established to develop and implement programmes to enhance English language skills among Gamudians. Our efforts in driving high level of English proficiency was recognised by the British Council 2019 Innovation in Assessment Award. We are proud of this achievement as it attests to Gamuda’s efforts in enhancing effectiveness of communication in English among our people.

Training and Development

Career Development Unit (CDU)

We are committed to understanding individual aspirations through ongoing communication, which will assist in mapping personal development plans and career paths. The CDU has been set up to support and encourage employees to take ownership of their career through the provision of internal career guidance and coaching. The Strengths-Development-Opportunities-Career Staller (SDOC) tool is used to discover Gamudians’ personal strengths and development needs, assisting them in developing their individual career development.

Construction Training Unit (CTU)

The Construction Management Programme (CMP), via the CTU, utilises real site work exposure to train young site supervisors and engineers. This programme facilitates training with internationally benchmarked construction skills adopted from the best practices in Australia, Europe and Singapore to springboard trainees’ careers in the dynamic construction industry. CMP courses are accredited by CIDB for Civil and Structural or Building and Architectural Works. In FY2019, the increase in number of trainees is due to increased intake in preparation for the intensive construction work for KVMRT Line 2.

Training and Development

Number of employees trained in CMP

L.E.T.S. - Learning. Experiential. Topical. Sharing.

In January 2019, the L.E.T.S. Series was rolled out as part of Gamuda’s learning and development initiatives. It serves as an informal and bite-sized learning approach with the aim to enable employees to engage in continuous learning with lower time commitment.

We aim to achieve the following objectives through the L.E.T.S. Series:

  • Encourage continuous learning by featuring useful topics and skills related to or outside work
  • Promote sharing of knowledge, hobbies and skills among employees
  • Improve employees’ general knowledge and wellbeing
  • Showcase department’s or individual employee’s expertise and knowledge
  • Foster collaboration between departments for learning and development initiatives
  • Encourage engagement between employees of various departments and backgrounds
As of October 2019, 13 L.E.T.S. Series have been conducted with 549 attendees. Topics are tailored to the needs of employees which include Smart Shopping and other financial, emotional and social wellness discussions.