Technology and Innovation

Technology and Innovation

Why It Matters

As a key infrastructure builder, Gamuda conducts high-risk and high-skilled construction works at densely populated areas. Therefore safety is important and we need to ensure our workers are well equipped with the specific knowledge and safety awareness to operate at our project sites, and that the level of competency amongst them is consistent. Establishing our own training centres that cater to the specific requirements of our projects have led to increased work efficiency and allowed us to be more professional as we execute the infrastructure projects.

On the ground for our various projects, we strive to equip all our employees with proper and structured training before they begin work as this is important to ensure all the tools, equipment and machineries are operated in a safe manner. Through proper training, we could reduce downtime and maintenance cost while ensuring the smooth operation throughout the project duration.

Autonomous Tunnel Boring Machine (A-TBM)

A-TBM was developed 100 per cent in-house by our local engineers. It utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) Control Algorithms to autonomously operate the TBMs with proven, tangible improvements in productivity, safety, and quality tunnel construction. The insights received from TBM data enhanced the A-TBM performance, increased 360° awareness and improved risk management in tunnelling (avoid error and rework), reduced resources, shorten production time and minimise human dependency (increased safety).

Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology with Augmented Reality (AR)

Developed in-house, our BIM-AR generates 3D walkthroughs that allow real-time detection of clashes and errors onsite, thus minimising rework costs and enhancing collaboration.

ROBot Assisted Cutter Change Apparatus (ROBACCA)

Our ROBACCA is a human assistive and autonomous robotic tool that reduces humans' exposure to dirty and dangerous tunnelling environments. It represents the first step towards fully automated maintenance of TBMs. ROBACCA is currently in the final prototyping phase and will move into beta testing soon.

Digital Construction

Digitalisation of processes for a paperless workflow with construction data and information housed on a Common Data Environment (CDE) as a single source of truth accessible on mobile devices in real-time.

Web 3D Global Information System (GIS) Portal integrates drone and BIM assets onto a common web platform. Digitising the construction landscape on the cloud was a first for the region.