Community Development

Community Development

Why It Matters

As a key infrastructure builder, Gamuda conducts high-risk and high-skilled construction works at densely populated areas. Therefore safety is important and we need to ensure our workers are well equipped with the specific knowledge and safety awareness to operate at our project sites, and that the level of competency amongst them is consistent. Establishing our own training centres that cater to the specific requirements of our projects have led to increased work efficiency and allowed us to be more professional as we execute the infrastructure projects.

On the ground for our various projects, we strive to equip all our employees with proper and structured training before they begin work as this is important to ensure all the tools, equipment and machineries are operated in a safe manner. Through proper training, we could reduce downtime and maintenance cost while ensuring the smooth operation throughout the project duration.

We aim to create social value for the local communities by fostering collaboration and partnership across sectors. We proactively engage and work with communities around us to leave a positive legacy for generations to come.

We deliver community legacy initiatives based on what matters to our community.

Local Community Engagement

Yayasan Gamuda

Yayasan Gamuda was established to oversee the Gamuda's charitable efforts, ensuring all initiatives are aligned with Group’s aspirations for community investments and development. The foundation focuses primarily on educational aid and empowering social enterprises for community improvement.

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Star Golden Hearts Award (SGHA)

We have contributed more than RM4 million to the annual Star Golden Hearts Award and Gamuda Inspiration Award, a joint initiative by The Star, Star Foundation, and Yayasan Gamuda to celebrate the work of unsung heroes who go the distance in helping those in need irrespective of race, culture and religion.

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Enabling Academy

Since 2013, Gamuda has been providing sustainable employment for people with autism via its Project Differently-Abled (Project DA), which resulted in the Group's hiring of 20 employees to date, working across 17 departments in the Group.

Inspired by the success of Project DA, Gamuda established the Enabling Academy (EA) in 2017. Since then, the academy has trained 63 candidates, equipping them with relevant skills for employment, and they placed in over 30 different partner companies.

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Our Impact
Public Awareness Outreach on the Employability of persons with autism by Enabling Academy
Local Communities
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