A Year of Resilience and Opportunities
07 Jan 2021 | Gamuda Berhad

A Year of Resilience and Opportunities

2020 has presented us with many opportunities to strengthen our ability as we continue fostering positive change and legacies in the sphere of economic, environmental, social and governance. Like any other corporates globally, it was indeed a year of sustainability and resilience at Gamuda.

Although the global pandemic brought about many challenges, it has neither discouraged our strive for innovation nor deterred our progress. We are immensely proud of all we’ve achieved in 2020, and it is a testament that we’re always ready for change and opportunities that come our way.

A Year of Resilience and Opportunities

To name a few of our proudest accomplishments, we’ve developed BIMAR, an Augmented Reality application that allows real-world visualisation of 3D building designs via mobile device during site inspections. It has been recognised with the Malaysia Technology Excellence Award 2020.

At the construction and engineering front, we have completed all tunnelling works for the MRT Putrajaya Line. From the launch of the first 2 tunnel boring machines (TBMs) in March 2018 to the last ring erected in October 2020, we have completed 23km of TBM excavation in 31 months.

Aside from engineering tech, we’ve also been awarded the Best-in-Class Property Management: ILAM Malaysia’s Sustainable Landscape Award and The Responsible Developer: EdgeProp Malaysia’s Best Managed and Sustainable Property Awards 2020.

From an environmental standpoint, we initiated the Plate to Plant Programme which reduces and repurposes food waste generated throughout Gamuda’s offices and developments. We collaborated with other establishments located at our sites as the food-composting machines collect up to 100kg of food waste daily, which are then processed into organic compost for landscapes in Gamuda developments. We believe in the sustainability of our business and the environment as it goes hand in hand in building a circular economy.

In response to COVID-19 pandemic, we started our own polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing lab and is the first private Malaysian company to do so. Complete with an in-house ambulance and testing at all of our construction sites, we are among the most well-equipped private companies prepared in managing this pandemic crisis with close collaboration with the Ministry of Health. The well-being of our employees is a forefront for the business especially in these trying times.

As for our annual Gamuda Inspiration Award where we provide a platform for humanitarian works expansion, we received a number of over 500 nominations in 2020. In the end, the coveted award was bestowed upon two winners, which are PWD Smart FarmAbility and Seven Tea One. PWD Smart FarmAbility is a social enterprise that advocates environmental health and food security through ethical farming and making nutritious organic food accessible to people of all economic backgrounds. As for Seven Tea One, their social cause empowers differently-abled teens and B40 single mothers to earn dignified income through meaningful job placements and skills development. With the grants awarded to both Gamuda Inspiration Award winners, we hope it will encourage more unimagined and sustained solutions that would ensure continuous progress in the communities.

Overall, we’re proud to share that we emerged at the end of the year still as robust as we ever were, and more than ready to endure all future challenges to come. With the global pandemic still upon us, we are determined that our role as a builder, developer and operator will guide us to create diverse solutions and to build a better and sustainable future for the people and the planet.

Watch our 2020 year end video to have a glimpse of the challenges we persevered and strived through together.