Rethinking Food Waste
11 Jun 2020 | Gamuda Berhad


Rethinking Food Waste

Food waste is a global concern. Do you know that 1.3 billion tonnes of food are wasted and lost each year, as indicated by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation? In Malaysia, the Solid Waste Corporation states that our food waste totals 16,687.5 tonnes daily – enough to feed 12.2 million people three times a day. 

The numbers are not an exaggeration. It is a threat from an environmental perspective as when we waste food, we are also wasting all the resources for growing, harvesting, packaging and transporting the food. Additionally, when food goes to the landfill and rots, it causes further environmental harm by emitting methane – a greenhouse gas (GHG) that is even more potent than carbon dioxide. National and industry leaders have recognised this threat and committed the country to reach 45 per cent in the reduction of GHG emission by 2030. 

As the Group believes in mindful planning as the key to living in harmony with nature, Gamuda Land, the Group’s property arm launched Gamuda Parks in May 2018, a sustainable landscape initiative designed to deliver, implement, manage, maintain and safeguard the well-being of the living environment in all our developments. Guided by Gamuda Parks Biodiversity Policy, Gamuda Parks focus on the management of three thrusts, the Green (softscape), Blue (waterscape) and Brown (material and natural resources) ecosystems.

Rethinking Food Waste

While Gamuda Parks’ core focus is on biodiversity enhancement, by collaborating with top innovators like food waste specialists MAEKO, the Group has become a strong advocate for better waste management – which falls under the brown pillar of Gamuda Parks. 

Rethinking Food WasteCompost-on-wheels is a mobile composting truck aimed at empowering communities with better food waste management and reducing carbon footprint by diverting compostables from landfills.

We set out to reduce our carbon footprint by diverting compostables from landfills. The Group officially adopted the Gamuda Parks Compost-on-wheels initiative at all Gamuda Land developments where 80 per cent of water is extracted from collected food waste and loss for watering plants. The rest is recycled into compost or animal feed. 

This year, in partnership with Think City, we reiterated Gamuda Parks Biodiversity Policy through a myriad of virtual community workshops and activities for residents of Gamuda Land townships and the general public in conjunction with International Day of Biological Diversity 2020.

Gamuda Parks Environmental Manager Suzane M. Samy hosted an interactive and insightful “Make Your Own Compost” virtual workshop.

Gamuda Parks Chief Operating Officer LAr. Khariza Khalid, Ar. Aleena Jamil of Aleena Jamil Architect, Jivanti Murugai of Wild Hearts World, Think City’s Sofia Castelo were some of the names in the line-up of free virtual documentary screenings, yoga, webinars and workshops held between May 22nd to June 6th 2020.

This year’s  International Day of Biological Diversity theme, ‘Our Solutions Are in Nature’ reminds us that Biodiversity remains the basis for a sustainable future, and that includes humanity and the numbers of species at risk and through Gamuda Parks, we are committed to UN SDG Goal 15 to stop biodiversity loss and promote greater livability with improvements on our ecosystems. 

At Gamuda, we act on the principle of mindful planning. As nation builders, we are always on the quest for the betterment of the future. And while technological advancement has wildly contributed to our fast-changing world, we must also remember that the Earth is dependent on a healthy and vibrant ecosystem.