Introducing the Gamudians Kopi Chats Podcast Series
29 May 2020 | Gamuda Berhad

Introducing the Gamudians Kopi Chats Podcast Series

“We have railway engineers, architects who design modern homes, bridge project planners and managers, manufacturing engineers running robotic factories, surveyors flying drones, educators providing language training and employees taking on new local and international projects. There are lots to share, learn, and explore,” says Ronan Collins, Head of Project Information Management.

Introducing Gamudians Kopi Chats podcast series, hosted by our Head of Project Information Management, Ronan Collins. With a new episode published every fortnight on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts, it’s objective is to act as a medium to engage with the Group’s diverse workforce, across all the different business units.

Ronan officially joined Gamuda in July 2018. Prior to joining the Group, he was a consultant for the Group’s MRT projects. Now, as Head of Project Information Management, his role covers the use and implementation of Building Information Management (BIM) systems including BIM tools, Common Data Environment (CDE), which is Viewpoint for Projects (VFP), training and education. He is also involved with the use of drones, virtual reality, augmented reality and our paperless construction sites initiatives, through Field View.

He believes this podcast can help further develop the culture of innovation, communication and teamwork by knowing a bit more about what other colleagues are working on, what their skills are, what they are passionate about and thoughts on how we can all improve and progress collectively as a Group.

“We are inspired by people who have accomplished something, no matter how small or big their initiatives are. Whether they have adapted ideas to innovations, solved a challenging problem on-site, addressed a sustainability goal, hosted a toastmaster event, worked on local and international projects or have an idea to improve our work processes,” Ronan says.

“We all want to learn from our peers and our friends. You don’t need to have climbed Mount Everest to have a compelling story for others to be inspired or energised,” he adds on.

The podcast debuted its first episode with the Group’s Chief Information Officer Wong Tsien Loong and is now 3 episodes along. As the podcast takes a life on its own, we wonder what the future holds for voices in our industry.

“We want to nurture and grow our community of followers and subscribers. In time, it will be interesting to see how this initiative works out and whether other industry players would like an opportunity to join in on our discussions,” Ronan concludes.


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