Adventure in Discovery Park
18 Dec 2019 | Gamuda Berhad

Gamuda Land revealed at the launch of Gamuda Cove last September of the 80-acre rainforest-themed water theme park in the heart of its township. This theme park, called Discovery Park is the next tourism and entertainment centre that will offer fun for everyone, spectacular signs, and nature-based activities in three recreational zones: Adventure Park, Hangout Village, and Sports Park.

Adventure in Discovery Park

“People are easily engaged in new and real-life experiences,” said Herbie Tan Kim Whatt, the director of Leasing, Retails and Malls. He believes that state-of-the-art attractions that complement townships have huge potential. 

He adds,” Especially in a casual outdoor setting, giving rise to the widespread emergence of ‘experiential’ activities. That is why Discovery Park will fulfil the fun and experiential side of the township and draw visitors to the place.”

Adventure in Discovery Park

This discovery park that will feature 18 rides that will be the first of its kind anywhere or in Asia or Malaysia. It will also see a plethora of shopping, dining, leisure, and recreational activities. 

As part of Gamuda Cove’s commercial spaces, Gamuda Land is crafting this township according to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11- building an integrated and sustainable township for its communities.

“Most of the attractions we have selected will either be the world’s first, Asia’s first, or Malaysia’s first. To be built and operated by Gamuda Land following The Global Association for the Attractions (IAAPA) safety standards,” said Gamuda Land Director of Leisure Hospitality, Aaron Soo.

Some of the first’s attraction include the first Aerobar in South East Asia named Tinjau. It’s a revolutionary ride that carries 16 passengers per trip to 35 meters above ground level for an extraordinary panoramic view of the entire township. 

Unlike regular go-karts, the Discovery Park will see Blastacars- powerful kars from New Zealand that combined the adrenaline-filled excitement of drifting and the ultimate driving experience on a world-class track with first-in-the-world elevation change.

Another essential activity is the Ropes Course, dubbed Goosebumps, which invites explorer to set out on an elevated climbing adventure that involves strength, grit, and coordination skills to manoeuvre on the wobbly rope beams. 

These attractions are not just fun and thrilling. Its safety is also ensured with thorough background checks and enforcement that all the contractors and providers are equipped with internationally certified products and have proven track records, such as the renown ropes course provider, Kristallturm. 

Other exciting components that makeup Discovery Park include ArcHIVE, a social hub for dining and retail enthusiasts. There will also be Bassa Pool Club, Malaysia’s first Beach Pool club where the entire family can enjoy pool-surfing on a daybed, diving, and drinking in a suburban setting.

Discovery Park is scheduled to welcome its first visitors in January 2020.