Is 5G the Answer to Smart Township?
09 Oct 2019 | Gamuda Berhad

The concept of a township is about to be revamped with the implementation of 5G technology. The latest in cellular networking mechanics, 5G connectivity is arriving with a solid plan to alter the way a township functions and communicates.

Let’s look through and analyse the positive changes a 5G township brings to its occupants.

Economic Development

Small cells – also known as metro cells – are low-power base stations each supporting approximately 100 to 200 simultaneous users; with the intention to augment wireless coverage and capacity in dense urban areas. This means small cells will likely be installed in public facilities such as railway and subway stations, sides of public buildings, on street lamps, traffic lights and other unlikely areas.

Cost will also effectively reduce when wireless connectivity is made available almost everywhere within a 5G township.

These futuristic townships function and thrive on ICT based technology.  Job opportunities for designers, software architects, programmers, customer support teams and many more will open up for purposes of sustainability.

Energy and Utilities

Currently, most energy consuming devices such as street lamps, traffic lights, electronic billboards in cities operate on its own structure. And, because these devices operate on their own, energy is wasted in the millions.

With 5G technology enabled through the Smart Grid plan, these devices can function collectively to provide energy only when required.

For example, a medium sized town of Chattanooga, Tennessee has seen the duration of outages caused by severe windstorms reduced up to 50%. Not to mention, 1.4 million US dollars’ worth of utilities in terms of operational costs were saved, for just one storm.

Public Safety

As human beings, it is natural for us to want to feel safe at all times and be free from danger. Implementation of 5G technology in townships will aid with visual surveillance.

Where wrongdoers were able to escape previously due to the lack of surveillance, smart visual systems powered by 5G will make it easier for law enforcement agencies to apprehend those who flout the rules.


Cities around the world, big and small suffer from the constant emission of carbon dioxide. This is due to fuel combustion present in most vehicles. 5G townships aim for a greener concept of living, thus encouraging the increased manufacturing and usage of Electronic Vehicles (EV).

Charging ports for EVs will also increase as many governments are looking to switch completely to EV based transportation within the next 20-30 years.

Public transportation is also looking at major revamp with waiting times set to be reduced, while inventories for buses can be increased.

Passengers will be able to monitor the movement of said transport in real time. The mental stress induced by long waiting times and inconsistent services will be reduced effectively in the long term.

All in all, 5G townships and smart cities are the solutions that will transform current living standards into heights we could have only dreamed of before. Integrated connectivity within the community will enable us to explore further ideas that will yield more positive outcomes.

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