Housing 4.0 is here
15 Apr 2019 | Gamuda Berhad

As the nation gears up for the launch of Housing 4.0, Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM) council member Ar. Ang Chee Cheong and Gamuda IBS General Manager Tan Ek Khai share their excitement in unveiling an initiative that seeks to set the future of housing in Malaysia through an architectural competition and digital innovation labs.

Housing 4.0 is the brainchild of PAM and Gamuda IBS. It’s a collaboration that is set to bring digital housing design and construction, namely the digital IBS technique, to the forefront of Malaysian housing.

“This is to prepare the industry to leapfrog into Housing 4.0, themed after Industrial Revolution 4.0,” share the duo.

First on the Housing 4.0 agenda is the Open Ideas Competition, which is open to all architects who are PAM members. The competition will give architects the opportunity to develop designs using the latest digital elements.

“Therefore, there is no impediment to good designs surfacing, and this is something we want to prove with the Housing 4.0 collaboration. I think housing can definitely work better with the more efficient framework that collaborative digital platforms provide through Building Information Modelling (BIM),” says Ar. Ang Chee Cheong.

“IBS, or precast housing, is a stigma in the Malaysian industry. It’s a common thought amongst architects that standardised design is restrictive. Yet, we believe there is a lot of versatility and flexibility when using a technology-driven system like digital IBS which integrates BIM with robotics manufacturing,” explains Tan Ek Khai.

Together, the Malaysian Institute of Architects and Gamuda IBS are fighting for the same objectives.

“We want our industry to understand the benefits of digital IBS and also help to develop skills that are needed for BIM, namely translating virtual design into reality.”

Second on the Housing 4.0 agenda are the Digital Innovation Lab workshops. Through these, architects will have the opportunity to visit Gamuda IBS, where they will see the project’s digital paradigm come to life with IBS robots and their automation processes.

“I think this is something that will give a real background to what we are doing now, especially for the future. This is what I’m most excited about,” adds Ar. Ang Chee Cheong.

“We believe IBS is the future of home building for Malaysia. We are excited to see some of the outcomes from this competition used in the upcoming work that we do,” Tan Ek Khai continues.

Will Housing 4.0 provide the solutions needed for mass housing designs? Ar. Ang Chee Cheong and Tan Ek Khai certainly think so.

“As architects and engineers, it is our responsibility to provide better designs and solutions. We want people to be proud of their homes and this is what we want to develop, moving ahead.”

Housing 4.0 invites all visionary designers and architects to participate in the Open Ideas Competition and Digital Innovation Labs. Register here now.