Gamuda’s new digital procurement system
28 Dec 2018 | Lim Wei Ling, Gamuda Berhad Head - Digital Transformation.

The construction industry, like many others, is undergoing digitalisation which promotes greater transparency and work efficiency and brings more value to the business.

This year, after evaluating our technology architecture at the Group level and focusing on critical areas to unlock new business value, Gamuda embarked on its own digitalisation journey.

Our key digital investments have been in improving engineering design capabilities, supply chain effectiveness and customer relationships.


In terms of our supply chain, it is paramount that it becomes more effective than before.

To this end, Gamuda has started using the digital procurement platform SAP Ariba to source for goods and services.

Gamuda's new digital procurement system

With SAP Ariba, the entire contracting process between the client and its suppliers is done online and every step is fully tracked.

Suppliers can manage their company information and clients have a better view of their total supplier base.

This improves the procurement cycle time which is now faster for both parties, plus there is easier access to information.

SAP Ariba also has robust e-bidding capabilities that allow multiple suppliers to bid in a more transparent manner, therein promoting fairer competition.

Gamuda's new digital procurement system

The platform has transformed the way we collaborate with suppliers in sourcing and procurement.

By leveraging on technology, we are able to enhance existing partnerships whilst nurturing new ones  – it’s a strategic move to strengthen our supply chain and support our future growth.