Where innovation meets sustainability
26 Nov 2018 |

How does Gamuda Land ensure its townships remain sustainable for the long-term?

Here’s a quick look at two innovative ways we use nature to create more liveable environments for our communities:

The lakes at Gamuda Land townships are an integral part of an innovative stormwater management solution.

Instead of just building concrete drains, irrigation infrastructure consists of carefully selected aquatic plants that serve as natural filters.

The fountains and water cascades surrounding the lakes also serve as natural aeration systems which increase oxygen levels in the water, thereby promoting fish habitats while reducing the spread of mosquitoes.

The best thing about this sustainable approach is that the natural balance of the lakes is maintained without the use of chemicals.

Pollutant traps are also placed at the lakes’ inlets and plant species which attract fauna are also introduced in the lakes to enhance biodiversity.

Where innovation meets sustainability

To eliminate algae in the lakes, LG Sonic® technology is utilised.

This easy-to-install system uses ultrasound to breakdown algae, requires minimal maintenance and is an energy efficient solution that operates on a mere ten watts of power.

Where innovation meets sustainability

Gamuda Land has installed bio-walls at The Robertson, HighPark Suites and even Menara Gamuda.

Where innovation meets sustainability

This innovative green feature acts as a natural air filter.

Plus, the natural cooling effect of the plants means having to use air conditioning less, which means saving more energy.

A vertical garden also makes an excellent natural sound barrier.

Where innovation meets sustainability