Gamuda Land is going digital
05 Sep 2018 |

As the saying goes, change is the only constant. The digital revolution that is sweeping aside barriers of geography and distance is rapidly changing the way we live and work.

To stay ahead of the curve, Gamuda Land is embracing this change via a two-year digital transformation journey. This involves digitising the development process from building design all the way to post-sales customer care.

Digitising design
With Building Information Modelling (BIM), a 3D-digital model of a development is generated, allowing architects and engineers to ‘virtually’ walk through the buildings even before the first brick is laid.

Professionals who are responsible for different areas of work can collaborate and make changes instantly with just a click of a mouse.

Potential problems can also be identified and rectified with ease during the design stage using this shared digital platform.

This results in shorter project timelines, minimal wastage, cost savings and ultimately ensures a better quality finished product.

Digitising customer experience
Last month marked the unveiling of three new and innovative offerings, all aimed at creating a seamless and enriching customer experience:

• With Gamuda Land’s Residence Management App, owners will now be able to manage their properties and even make payments using their mobile devices whenever and wherever they are.

• Using the Gamuda Land Customer Portal, property buyers can also view their ownership information, provide feedback as well as pay progressive billings and maintenance fees via iPay88.

GL Friends is a loyalty programme exclusively for Gamuda Land purchasers, designed to ensure that their property journey is fulfilling with access to exclusive rewards, benefits and privileges.