Welcome to BIMspace
09 Aug 2018 | Devendran Krishnamoorthy, Gamuda Land General Manager – IBS Design.

It’s no secret that Building Information Modelling (BIM) has the capability to transform the construction industry.

Already we have seen it significantly improve efficiency at the design stage and no doubt it will continue to aid project outcomes as integration of the technology occurs across all sectors.

Over the last few years, Gamuda has championed the use and development of BIM in Malaysia and we are committed to its full-scale implementation on all our projects moving forward.

For BIM to work at its most optimum level, it requires a very collaborative approach to design from all working teams to make sure that all building and asset information is identified, captured and shared digitally from inception to completion.

Alongside that is the need not only for robust hardware and the latest software, but also a place where the rich 3D model can be easily visualised and analysed.

This is where our brand new, dedicated room for the visualisation and analysis of 3D BIM implementation — BIMspace — comes into play.

BIMspace facilitates a more immersive and collaborative work process, where all the relevant parties (architects, engineers, consultants) can come together for progress and coordination meetings in a virtual environment during the course of a project.

It’s like doing a site visit before construction even begins.

Our aim is that within one year, we will be using this room and all its key features to enable us to do better, more cohesive design for our projects.

The feedback so far from users of BIMspace has been quite encouraging and though we haven’t had a chance to use all its features yet, the capabilities are something we can look forward to.

And we’ll be testing these out even more in the coming months as we use the room as part of our BIM implementation process for Gamuda Land projects, starting with twentyfive.7, Gamuda Gardens and Gamuda Cove.

We are undertaking this initiative because we want to drive the industry to the next level in terms of digital efficiency.

The goal is, through the increased collaboration and coordination this room offers, to have higher accuracy in our models and less errors, all leading to an increased level of BIM maturity in the country.

Various components of the construction industry are moving at different speeds and what we want to do is to pull them all together, and we see our new BIMspace as a key tool in helping us to facilitate this.