The making of a sustainable township
16 Jul 2018 | Khariza Abd Khalid, Gamuda Parks Chief Operating Officer.

The phrase ‘listening to the land’ is the motto that drives Gamuda Land in its development ventures.

And now, for the first time, Gamuda has made a commitment to scientifically prove the liveability index of our townships.

We are officially the first developer in Malaysia to publicly pledge a biodiversity audit – a scientific cataloguing of species, both plants and animals – to prove the health index and habitability of our townships.

This will be done through the Gamuda Parks initiative where a lush, green lung will be intrinsically blended into our new townships and carefully curated to include natural trees and plants that have the capacity to attract certain wildlife species, particularly small mammals, birds and insects.

This placemaking exercise will be done right from the beginning for our upcoming townships at Gamuda Gardens and Gamuda Cove.

This is an important feat for Gamuda because we are essentially demonstrating that our placemaking efforts are beyond just aesthetics – it’s about sustainability.

By doing this, we are allowing the habitat to thrive, adding value to the ecosystem and environment.


The biodiversity effects are endless and our residents will benefit from a wholesome community lifestyle, not to mention an investment that will continue to appreciate in value for years to come.

Our township dwellers will also play a significant role in this audit exercise as they work together with us to maintain the parks.

This way, we are not only educating them on biodiversity matters, we are also inculcating in them a sense of ownership and responsibility for their living space.

Gamuda Land also intends to create an app in the future as a means to launch environmental awareness programmes that will help educate users on matters concerning biodiversity conservation.

Gamuda Parks was launched last month at our head office by our Deputy Group Managing Director Mohammed Rashdan Yusof in conjunction with the International Day of Biological Diversity.

Once in place, Gamuda Parks will work closely with experts such as Wetlands International Malaysia, Forest Research Institute Malaysia, United Nations Malaysia and other consultants to ensure that the parks are sustained with minimal maintenance and at the same time actively engage and assist with Gamuda Parks’ biodiversity policy formation and audit exercise.