Vital ingredients in delivering mega projects on time
02 Apr 2018 | Adil Putra, Gamuda Engineering Executive Director.

Successfully delivering large-scale mega projects is a challenging process.

Reaching completion dates on deadline and fulfilling certain criteria presents many challenges.

So, what makes it possible to meet these targets and add further value to the industry?

Following the completion of the KVMRT SBK Line, MMC Gamuda identified three vital ingredients for delivering projects on time:

1) Personnel

As Project Delivery Partner (PDP), MMC Gamuda engaged, trained and managed a wide range of skilled experts and contractors throughout the build.
This included civil and structural engineers, architects, designers, risk managers and Quality, Safety Health and Environmental (QSHE) operators.

2) Planning

MMC Gamuda introduced the PDP model to deliver Malaysia’s first Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system.
The model identifies four stages:

  • Planning & Approval
  • Engineering Design & Tender
  • Construction
  • Communications & Stakeholder Management

The planning strategy also encompasses project budget and standardization of design delivery and procurement, including supply chain capacity, competitive bidding and contract documentation.


Improved self-regulation and enhanced training in QSHE practices also elevated the level of commitment from our contractors.
With that, the SBK Line was completed two weeks ahead of schedule and within budget.
Furthermore, 70 per cent of contractors from the SBK Line are now working on the SSP Line, underlining the long-term value of our talent development.

Enduring Benefits

Over the last eight years, MMC Gamuda’s contribution to Malaysia’s local talent pool has been unrivalled.
Since 2010, we have trained over 500 local professionals in construction management, rail systems, monitoring and evaluation, and project and contractual management.
Additionally, 50 per cent of SBK Line packages were awarded to Bumiputera companies, emphasizing local participation.


We also hired 74 expatriates to facilitate technology transfer, reducing our dependency on foreign talents for the KVMRT SSP Line.
Our Centralised Labour Quarters (CLQ) is the first in Malaysia, providing comfortable, safe and secure accommodation for local and foreign workers.
We have also improved traffic management with enhanced procedures for road closures and the introduction of prototype equipment for traffic protection.
In terms of stakeholder management, we have public consultations with varied stakeholders before and during construction.
While it has been a long process, MMC Gamuda is confident the legacy of the SBK Line will live on.