A place with personality
18 Apr 2017 | The Star Online

They seek out design-centric homes surrounded by green public spaces suitable for leisure and family activities. Throw in com­munity and commercial hubs within walking distance to their homes and the stage is set.

The thoughtful masterplan of twentyfive.7, a new township by Gamuda Land in Kota Kemuning involves bringing together key elements such as architecture of the buildings, streetscape and landscape; streets and pathways that provide easy access from house to the town square and public spaces; good neighbourhood parks that draw people to them and connect the residents; as well as how the waterfront anchors the develop­ment.

“When all these elements come together, the place takes on a great personality so that when people move in and live here, they develop a feel for the place and want to be a part of it,” said twentyfive.7 general manager, Aw Sei Cheh.

“Our concept is one where everything comes together and we have a vibrant community. The energy is everywhere with lots of activities. That’s why we call it twentyfive.7 because you’ll always have more, living far beyond 24 hours a day,” added Aw.

The total land area of the development is 257 acres (104ha). It features a waterfront commer-cial zone, community spaces, neighbourhood parks and specially-designed homes that steer away from conventional cookie-cutter designs.

“To make a township work, you need to get the places right, so we think of many aspects – the home place, the work place, the play place, park place, shopping place and eating place. After considering all the uses, we know that the town square has to be by the water to create a nice setting for the community. Hence the Quayside by the waterfront,” he said.

The Quayside features a waterfront promenade that houses trendy food and beverage outlets with al-fresco dining.

Also located at the Quayside is a marketplace with artisanal cafes, bakeries and a grocer; a Designer District for young designers and start-ups; as well as an Event Plaza for arts and music perfor­mances.

Designed along with the eight-acre (3ha) lake will be a cycling and running track, a boardwalk and an elevated viewing deck to enhance the walking and relaxing experience.

This commercial hub, Aw emphasised, will be ready to greet residents when they move in.

Designer homes

One unique point about the housing units in the development is how they break away from the monotonous, cookie-cutter layouts seen in typical link houses. This approach was purposefully taken to meet the present lifestyle needs of modern living.

For example, the Flexi House is designed to accommodate a studio unit on the ground floor while a typical double-storey layout sits above.

With a dual key system, this housing typology facilitates multi-generational living and comes with ample parking space.

“It’s like buying two houses for the price of one; owners can also rent out the ground floor while they stay in the upper floors. Or the ground floor can be reserved for their parents who will have their own space yet they all live together,” said Aw.

“Our concept is one where everything comes together and we have a vibrant community. The energy is everywhere with lots of activities.” – Aw Sei Cheh

The Light house is designed in such a way that the facade maxi­mises up to 70% natural lighting and ventilation entering its triple volume living and dining spaces, which feature extra high ceilings.

Three other designs available include the Cubiq House which references Soho-style loft living and is characterised by bright, spacious interiors. Inspired by the minimalist gable-end design in Scandinavian architecture is the Gable House, which incorporates a simple, clean layout with a sleek façade. The third is the Ridge House, designed with a heightened living room area in a modern, stylish layout.

Homes in twentyfive.7 are now open for registration. The first phase comprises 181 units of super-link homes and 98 units of semi-detached homes.

Additional information about the project can be obtained from the Gamuda Land sales consul­tants at Gamuda Walk or call 03-51316257 for assistance.