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Such An Amazing Build


Back in November, we had the privilege to build the best home we could for Tumi and his family of three in Kampung Hulu Tamu, Batang Kali.

Tumi is a 60-year-old rubber tapper who used to reside in a small bamboo hut with his wife and child. Adjacent to Tumi’s home is his son’s residence where the rest of the family lives. Tumi’s old home was structurally unsound, posing a safety risk to its inhabitants which include his grandchildren who often play around the vicinity of the home.

Setting up the structure on Day 1 was no easy task as mid-afternoon showers transformed loose soil into a muddy mess. However, the participants maintained their high spirits and persevered through the rest of the day.

Sometimes, all it takes is a group cheer to give everyone some encouragement. ☺

Gamuda’s quest for excellence was well displayed throughout the construction of the home. The gable ends (which are all hand cut with an angle grinder) lined up perfectly, assuming an almost unreal level of precision.

Working together with the Orang Asli community, Eddy designed and led the construction of a bamboo railing for the foyer under the supervision of the EPIC team. Tumi’s sons were also very involved in the building process, lending their hands and strength to various teams around the home. Here they are, helping to secure the bamboo to a beam.

The finished railing was definitely a sight to behold. This was the first of its kind in any of our EPIC homes, and it definitely makes us happy when participants take the initiative to make the homes better in any way they can.

Tumi’s grandchildren regularly interacted with everyone on site as well, keeping us entertained throughout the build. Of course, we made sure they stayed out of the construction area for their safety. ☺

Thank you Gamudians, for such an amazing build! You’ve shown us how determined and well-spirited you are, and we’re ever grateful for being able to experience building a home with you. With your feedback, we’ll strive to make the EPIC Home even better than it currently is.

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